Anoa Outdoor Adventures

Diving Prices

Below are the diving prices for the Baubau branch:

One Shore Dive (Certified) – US$10/person

One Shore Discovery Dive (Uncertified) – US$20/person

Boat Rental for boat dives (1 day) – US$100/group

Car Rental for dives outside of Baubau (1 day) – US$30/group

Equipment Rental

Full set (including tank) – US$20/day

Full tank – US$5/day

Tank Fill/Empty Tank/Extra Day for Tank – US$2/day or refill

BCD – US$7/day

Regulator – US$7/day

Weight Belt (with weights) – US$1/day

Mask and Snorkel – US$2/day

Fins (including boots) – US$2/day