Anoa Outdoor Adventures

2 Week Island Adventures

2-Island excursion

Visitors on this tour will travel to Tomia and also hop over to Binongko for a couple days. It will include everything from the 1 week Tomia tour package, but will also add a few days journey on the fourth Wakatobi island. The Wakatobi islands used to be called the Tukangbesi islands, which means “blacksmith” in Indonesian, and refers to the blacksmiths that live and work on Binongko. Visitors can hear the clanging of metal throughout the island, and can also watch the blacksmiths hammer out metal the traditional way. This is also a great spot to purchase some handmade machetes and knives as souvenirs. Most of Binongko is formed from coral rock, which offers an interesting view as visitors hike. Visitors will stay in the homes of locals for the duration of this tour so they can experience what authentic Indonesia is like.


*Diving can be added to this package, but since it is on other islands please let us know ahead of time so we can line up the equipment for you to use. Also, please check out the price list for costs of dive trips.