Anoa Outdoor Adventures

2+ Week Island Adventures

3 Island Adventure

This is the most extensive tour package offered as it is a combination of the Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko tours. Depending on how much time the visitors have in Wakatobi, they will spend between 5 days to 1 week on each of the islands hiking around exploring the different cultures, experience life in the villages, and interacting with the locals. There will be times they can relax at the various beaches, go snorkeling or diving, or whatever the guest desires. Prices will vary depending on the number of days available, so please contact us for a quote on this package. Visitors will also stay in the homes of locals for the duration of this tour so they can experience what authentic Indonesia is like.

Runduma & Turtles

Runduma is the most remote island in Wakatobi and is known for being the nesting place for green sea turtles. There is a small village of about 500 people on the island, but there is no electricity in the town. For those visitors looking to get away from it all and enjoy life at its simplest┬áthen this is the ideal package for you. Due to inconsistent boat schedules, this tour could fluctuate, so flexibility is key when booking this tour. However, for those desiring to see turtles, we would recommend booking this tour between August – November.

Custom Trip

Guests are able to choose how long they wish to travel and where they want to travel within the area. Prices will vary depending on what is chosen. Guests can also combine other packages for a longer length of stay. Please contact us if you wish to customize your own tour and we will work with you to put together the best possible package for what you are looking for.


*Diving can be added to any of these packages, but since these tours are on other islands please let us know ahead of time so we can line up the equipment. Also, please check out the price list for costs of dive trips.