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1-3 Day Packages

Kapota Island Tour

Off the western coast of Wangi-wangi is the island of Kapota. This island is known as the eco-tourism island in Wakatobi. It offers a variety of activities with a bat cave, a fort, a beautiful beach, and a lake with cabanas where you can rest and relax over the water. You may even see dolphins jumping just off the shore. This package allows for extending to a 2 or 3 day trip by spending the night in the home of a local. This is a perfect tour for people who only have a day or two to explore as it is just a 30 minute boat ride away from Wanci.

Cemara Beach Trip

Camera is a white, sandy beach in Waha village. It is the nicest beach on the island, and a great place to relax for the day. It is lined with tall palm trees, which provide the perfect place to hang up a hammock and take a nap. The beach also provides a great location for a shore dive as there is a coral wall about 100 yards from the beach. However, there is great snorkeling where sometimes frog fish, flounders, lion fish, and other sea creatures can be seen just 20 feet off shore. This is a great trip for someone looking to relax for the day and is a great location to watch the sunset.

Liya Togo Fort

This location is the center for all cultural history of the island, and has a massive fort that people can walk around and explore. In the center of the fort is the Mubaraq fort and an ancient frangipani tree. As visitors walk around the fort they receive a true cultural experience seeing the traditional homes still standing, and watching the women make sarongs the traditional way. There is also an area where visitors can see a spectacular view of Kaledupa and Hoga in the distance.

Tindoi & Toliamba

A small mountain near the city of Wanci, Mt. Tindoi, is said to be where the first inhabitants of the island are buried. Mt. Tindoi is cloaked in mystery as stories abound about the supernatural feats the men of old would perform on this mountain. Visitors can hike to the top of this mountain and see the ancient grave markers, as well as see the nutmeg trees that gave these islands the name  “The Spice Islands” during the colonial sea trade period. As it begins to get later in the evening  guests can go to the overlook at Toliamba to see an incredible view of the ocean. Kapota can be seen from this overlook, and sometimes even the island of Buton can be seen if it’s a clear day. Have your picture taken by the huge Wakatobi sign at Toliamba, and then settle back for a perfect view of the sun setting over the ocean.

Bajo Village

The Bajo are a seafaring people who still live in homes built on stilts over the water. Mola is the local Bajo village, and their unique way of life is still kept strong as they have passed down their Bajo culture from generation to generation. The Bajo community offers a variety of tours for visitors to observe their way of life, and we can assist in lining up any of the activities you would like to do in the Bajo village. Some of the activities include a cultural walking tour, canoeing, a traditional Bajo meal, or a sunrise dolphin watching boat ride. The pier at Mola is a prime location for star-gazing while you enjoy a “star-telling” experience, a true insight into Bajo culture as you hear how the Bajo people have lived guided by the stars.

Water Cave Tour

Wangi-wangi has more than 20 water caves where locals go for daily bathing and to wash their clothes. Some of the water caves are great locations for a refreshing swim hidden from the afternoon sun. Bring your swimsuit and enjoy an unique community experience as people enjoy their “mandi sore”, afternoon bath.

Custom Trip

Guests are able to choose how long they wish to travel and where they want to travel within the area. Prices will vary depending on what is chosen. Guests can also combine other packages for a longer length of stay. Please contact us if you wish to customize your own tour and we will work with you to put together the best possible package for what you are looking for.


*Diving can be added to any of the above packages. Please see the price list for costs of dives.