Anoa Outdoor Adventures

Daily Tours

Keraton Journey

Take a trip back in time when this area was ruled by sultans and walk through the old fort (Keraton) in Baubau, see the graves of the first sultans, and watch the sunset from atop the mountain. This area is rich in history, and those who live on top of this mountain are the descendants of these sultans. Even though the area is not ruled by sultans anymore, the cultural aspect of the sultan still lives on. For those who want to learn the history behind this area, then this is a great tour for you.

Rock Climbing

There are a number of great cliffs and rocks to scale on the island of Buton. For those visitors who wish to have an adrenaline rush for the day, then this would be a great package to choose. This package can also be added to any of the other packages and tours.

Cliff Jumping

There is a 30-35 foot rock in the middle of the water between the islands of Buton and Muna that guests can swim to and jump off into the water. For the extra adventure try doing a flip or dive off the cliff into the water. This location is also great for a drift dive.

Nirwana & Komali Beach

Spend the day relaxing at the best beach near Baubau, Pantai Nirwana. You can do a shore dive while you’re there, throw the frisbee, build a sand castle, or even grill some fish for lunch. You can watch the sunset from the beach and then make your way to Pantai Komali to enjoy the nightlife of Baubau and eat at one of the many street vendors. This is a perfect 1 day trip.

Custom trip

Guests are able to choose how long they wish to travel and where they want to travel within the area. Prices will vary depending on what is chosen. Guests can also combine other packages for a longer length of stay. Please contact us if you wish to customize your own tour and we will work with you to put together the best possible package for what you are looking for.


*Diving can be added to any of the above tours. Please see the price list for costs of dive trips.