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2 Week Island Adventures

Buton & Mt. Siontapina

The island of Buton gets its name from the Arabic word “butuni,” which means stomach or belly.  It is said that Buton is the belly of the world, and that it holds all of its core secrets.  If Buton is the belly, then Mt. Siontapina is the belly button.  There is an old banyan tree encircling a large rock in a clearing at the top of this mountain which is said to be from where the world was first created.  Every year six villages, men, women, and children, hike to the top of this mountain to carry out the rituals they have been doing for hundreds of years and to meet with the King of the Jungle.  This tour will give visitors a chance to see the sacred ground at the top of Mt. Siontapina.  On the way to this mountain, we will spend some time at the current capital of the regency of Buton, Pasarwajo.  Pasarwajo is the primary port for the largest deposit of natural asphalt in Asia.  There is also some good diving around this city.  For a tour rich in history, folklore, and with some beautiful dives, you can’t go wrong with visiting Buton and Mt. Siontapina.


Kabaena & Mt. Sabampolulu

Among the islands of Southeast Sulawesi there is one mountain that stands above the rest, Mt. Sabampolulu.  This mountain is located on the island of Kabaena, and is the most difficult hike of the tours we offer.  There are many stories and beliefs surrounding the mountains on this island.  The west side of the island has been referred to as the “Bermuda triangle” of Sulawesi, with several ships running aground and sinking on its shallow concealed reefs.  This is a prime location for guests to do some wreck diving. There is also a large whale skeleton displayed at one of the local villages.  This island is currently being mined for nickel and has a deep cave that can be explored.  This is the most remote location of the Baubau island tours.

Muna & Mt. Lambelu

The island of Muna gets its name from the word “wuna,” which means flower in the local language.  One of the first villages on the island was founded near a rock that flowers.  Muna is full of several other interesting sites, such as ancient caves full of paintings of animals and men, as well as a lake that hides an access tunnel to the ocean, which is revealed at low tide.  Only a few miles away from these locations, on the coast of the nearby island of Buton, stands the distinctly shaped mountain of Lambelu.  This mountain is well known enough to have had one of the large national passenger ships named after it.  This tour will involve some travel on small boats with opportunities to dive around some small islands located in the strait of Buton.  For a tour with a large variety of sites and experiences on land and sea, Muna and Mt. Lambelu are a great choice.



*Diving can be added to any of the above tours. Please see the price list for diving trip costs.