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Cultural Helps

One of the best things guests can do before they travel is to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically for what they may encounter. It is always good to think through what expectations you might have before arriving in a new culture. To aid guests in this transition and to help them have the best experience possible, below are a few resources to help guests begin to get an understanding of what the culture will be like here.


Book: The Mysteries of the Islands of Buton by Caleb Coppenger – This book is written by a westerner who has lived in Southeast Sulawesi for a number of years. It provides guests with a wealth of cultural knowledge, and reveals the everyday habits, beliefs, and superstitions of these people.

Book: Lonely Planet Indonesia – This is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to travel to any part of Indonesia. It provides information on places to stay, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc. There is a section on Southeast Sulawesi, including Baubau and Wakatobi.

Book: Lonely Planet Phrasebook and Dictionary – This provides a comprehensive list of phrases and words tourists might need when traveling around Indonesia.

Book: Diving in Indonesia – This book provides some of the best dive spots in Indonesia with maps, pictures, dive operators, etc., including Southeast Sulawesi and specifically Wakatobi.

Bahasa Kita – This is a free online language learning resource for Bahasa Indonesia.

Baubau Tourism – This is the link to the Baubau tourism website. There are links to maps, accommodations, restaurants, tourist spots, etc. all located here.

Wakatobi Tourism – This is the link to Wakatobi’s tourism website, which also provides guests with a free downloadable app. The app includes maps and other useful information.