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Anoa Outdoor Adventures’ main office is located in Baubau. This is a prime location for exploring the islands of Southeast Sulawesi and offers a variety of adventurous activities. There are multiple harbors and an airport located in Baubau with daily boats to the different islands and a few flights each day from Makassar. From this location we offer backpacking trips, cultural tours, trekking, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, rock climbing, cliff jumping, and more. Guests can explore waterfalls, caves, historical sites, beaches, uninhabited islands, and experience what life is like living on the remote islands of Indonesia.

Baubau is located on the island of Buton in Southeast Sulawesi. The Kingdom of Buton was originally established to bring together small people groups and islands to defend against the more powerful kingdoms of Gowa and Ternate. When Islam arrived, it became a Sultanate, but one full of mysticism and the rituals of its ancestors. As islands of exile for nearby kingdoms, Buton was remote and mysterious.

Today there is still mystery and adventure to be found. A variety of people groups live on these islands and are known to those from the outside as the people of Buton. Those more familiar with the islands know them as the Wolio, Cia-Cia, Muna, Kulisusu, Wakatobi, Kabaena, Wawonii, and Bajo. Our tours allow you to interact with these people groups, as well as scuba dive and hike the mountains of their beautiful islands.

These trips are designed to give you an authentic and real understanding of life in Indonesia while you experience the adventure of a lifetime.

The address for this office is:

PT Anoa Outdoor Adventures
Jl. Bhakti Abri
Kel. Bukit Wolio Indah, Kec. Wolio
Kota Baubau, Sulawesi Tenggara

Phone: +62 82193000148 (Contact name: Yos)


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